Why get excited about the new 2014 Eco Friendly Cracker range? Well firstly, they are made from 100% recycled materials and secondly they come in 25 great colours.

Each cracker comes with a hat and a joke.


Please scroll down for a full list of colours. 

ECO Friendly White Cracker ECO Friendly Nero Cracker ECO Friendly Dark Grey Cracker ECO Friendly Flint Cracker ECO Friendly Ash Cracker ECO Friendly Natural Cracker ECO Friendly Sandstone Cracker ECO Friendly Suede Cracker ECO Friendly Tuscan Brown Cracker ECO Friendly Indigo Cracker ECO Friendly Amethyst Cracker  ECO Friendly Midnight Cracker  ECO Friendly Light Blue Cracker  ECO Friendly Aquamarine Cracker  ECO Friendly Evergreen Cracker  ECO Friendly Spring Green Cracker  ECO Friendly Lime Cracker  ECO Friendly Magenta Cracker  ECO Friendly Crimson Cracker  ECO Friendly Bright Red Cracker  ECO Friendly Pink Ice Cracker  ECO Friendly Deep Orange Cracker  ECO Friendly Mango Cracker  ECO Friendly Solar Cracker  ECO Friendly Lemon Cracker  ECO Friendly Swatch Book

White, Nero, Dark Grey, Flint, Ash, Natural, Sandstone, Suede, Tuscan Brown, Indigo, Amethyst, Midnight, Light Blue, Aquamarine, Evergreen, Spring Green, Lime, Magenta,Crimson, Bright Red, Pink Ice, Deep Orange, Mango, Solar, Lemon.

Still unsure of which colour to choose? It's not a problem, just send us your details and we'll send you a little swatch book.