The Journey of a Handmade Cracker

The term 'handmade' is much bandied about these days but at House of Crackers we use it knowingly because from the moment your cracker has been cut out every stage of its journey is finished by hand.

We hope that this page will you give you an insight into the care taken when producing your crackers. The following pictures show one of our most successful Christmas Crackers being made, 'The Retro Christmas Cracker' which is a modern take on the iconic crepe and foil cracker of the 1940's and 50's.

The Journey of the Cracker 1The Journey of the Cracker 2   The Journey Of The Cracker 3

Let's start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start!

After cutting out, every crackers is folded four times for a sharp finish and then the strongest double-sided known to man is applied in three places for a secure join. The whole of the cracker is then covered in a strong adhesive. As any craft person will tell you, sticking crepe paper to anything is notoriously difficult! 

The Journey of the Cracker 4The Journey of the Cracker 5   The Journey Of The Cracker 6

Our solution? Did you ever wonder what happened to all those heavy encyclopedias after the arrival of the internet?

Well here at House of Crackers we found the perfect use for them and so far nothing else has been more effective! Left overnight, the crepe paper stays on the card!

   The Journey Of The Cracker 7       The Journey Of The Cracker 8      The Journey Of The Cracker 9

After the cracker has been rolled, we can seal up one end and put in place the all important snap.

   The Journey Of The Cracker 10      The Journey Of The Cracker 11       The Journey Of The Cracker 12

After cutting out the foil darts comes our favourite bit, filling the crackers with jokes and goodies.

Time now to tie up the other end.

   The Journey Of The Cracker 13      The Journey Of The Cracker 14      The Journey Of The Cracker 15

The foil embellishments are put in place and then finally...and you have to believe this...your crackers are

given a gentle once over with the duster! Foil looks great but picks up finger prints like nothing else.

The Journey Of The Cracker 16

Shiny and new our signature crackers are ready to pull! 

Now...that's handmade!

The Journey of the Cracker 17



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