Finally with everything in place the world reacted to Tom Smith’s new crackers and their reaction was unanimous…the orders flooded in and business literally exploded until larger premises had to be found in Finsbury Square, London. Fortunately for us, the public ignored the ‘Cosaque’ title and adopted their own name for this new ‘must have’ accessory…the Christmas Cracker!

Tom Smith's Christmas Crackers

As the years went by, Tom Smith’s Crackers celebrated practically every historic occasion with superb invention and brilliant art work that to this day remains a triumphant social record of our times. So innovative were these wonderful crackers that Tom collected Royal warrants like the GB team collected gold medals at the London Olympics. It was impossible to seperate the name of Tom Smith from Christmas crackers. Original unused boxes of his crackers command huge prices at auction because they are so wonderfully evocative of times gone by…times spent with family and loved ones, happy times, Christmas times.

Christmas Past History of Christmas Crackers