A small selection of party extras.


Party BlowoutsI think these may have been around since parties began! Party Blowouts are a true classic!

20p each


Celebration BubblesEither as a finishing touch to your table setting or a great cracker gift, these splendid little champagne flutes full of bubbles really are a delight!

30p each

Party BalloonsNo party is ever really complete without a bag of old fashioned balloons! 20 assorted colours in every bag...so get puffing!


£1.25 packet of 20


Rocket Balloons

The Rocket Balloon! With two in each pack! Now there's good! :-)

49p each


Balloon Helicopter The Balloon Helicopter. A popular classic that still delivers a good measure of fun!

85p each


Paper StreamersMaking the nicest possible mess, Party Streamers remain a party classic!

50p a reel


Paper Chains

Get creative this Christmas with the classic Christmas Paper Chains - Pack of 72 gummed paper strips, just lick and stick!




Party Bag

In a colourful and striking Harlequin design this smart little Party Bag is the perfect way to present your guests with their take-home goodies!

It measures 5 1/2" (14cm) by 2 3/4" (7cm) and 8" (20cm) deep.

39p each


Party BoxMatching our Party Bag, this splendid Party Box is the ideal way to pack up those goodies for your guests to take home.

39p each



Carnival Hats

Think of those well made party hats you used to see in classic old films and you'll get the general idea about these. If you like adding quality to the detail, this great range of Carnival Party Hats will appeal. They come in many shapes and colours and all have an elastic chin strap.

£1.25 each



Paper HatsThe classic cracker/party hat - Various Colours 

5p each


Gold HatsThe classic cracker/party hat - with a touch of class! Gold

25p each 


Silver HatsThe classic cracker/party hat - with that certain touch of je ne sais quoi. Silver

25p each