If you have time during the festive season why not make your own Christmas Crackers.

How to make your own Christmas Crackers.

First of all, find yourself a clear space to work on. The kitchen table is always good but make sure no one's about to arrive home with the Christmas shopping!!

Sharp scissors, double-sided sticky tape, glue, loo roll inners, papers, snaps, embellishments, fun gifts, hats, jokes and some imagination is all you will need!

 Make Your Own Christmas Crackers1    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers2    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers3

 Measure out some tissue paper and aline your loo rolls with three pieces of double-sided tape placed at the edge. 

 Make Your Own Christmas Crackers4    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers5    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers6

 Roll up your loo rolls inside the tissue and stick down. Do the same with another paper but this time shorten the width.

 Make Your Own Christmas Crackers7    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers8    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers9

 Tie some ribbon firmly at the neck of the cracker and remove the end loo roll.

 Make Your Own Christmas Crackers12    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers13    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers14

Put some double-sided sticky at either end of your snap and place it carefully through the cracker, sticking it to the inside of the handle at the tied end. Now fill your cracker with a hat and joke followed by a small gift or treat. The eraser end of a pencil is always useful in encouraging the contents to go in. Now tie up the end and stick down the snap...just like the one at the other end which you prepared earlier! :-)

    Make Your Own Christmas Crackers21    

It's time to let go with your imagination by putting on your final embellishements. Now it only remains for you to give your family and friends a lovely surprise on Christmas Day. Happy pulling! 


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