This superb range of 'Pearl Finish' Empty Crackers comes in a choice of twenty one different colours. Each empty cracker is handmade from the highest quality Slater Harrison card and along with its snap comes with a hat and a joke.

 Please scroll down for a full list of colours.

   Pearl Fresh White Crackers Pearl Fresh Cream Cracker Pearl Ivory Cracker    Pearl Golden Yellow Cracker Pearl Old Gold Cracker Pearl Mink Cracker Pearl Chocolate Cracker Pearl Black Cracker Pearl Platinum Cracker Pearl Fresh Blue Cracker Pearl Royal Blue Cracker Pearl Turquoise Cracker Pearl Teal Cracker Pearl Christmas Green Cracker Pearl Lavender Cracker Pearl Purple Cracker Pearl Deep Purple Cracker Pearl Fresh Pink Cracker Pearl Fuchsia Crackers Pearl Christmas Red Cracker 

 Swatch Book Pearl Standard Empty Crackers

    Fresh White, Fresh Cream, Ivory, Golden Yellow, Old Gold, Mink, Chocolate, Black, Platinum, Fresh Blue, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Teal, Christmas Green, Lavender, Purple, Deep Purple, Fresh Pink, Fuchsia and Christmas Red.

Still not sure? No worries, simply send us your name address and we'll post you a swatch book.