Stocking Filler Gift List

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Cracker Gift List Stocking Filler List    


A great selection of traditional and innovative stocking fillers at most affordable prices. Please note that these gifts will fit into stockings but NOT into crackers! 


Paper ChainsGet creative this Christmas with the classic Christmas Paper Chains - Pack of 72 gummed paper strips, just lick and stick!




Grow Your Own Christmas TreeGrow your own Christmas Tree. A great bit of seasonal fun, inside the inventive packaging you'll find  everything you need to get growing

£3.95 each

Christmas Teddy Bears Christmas Teddy Bear. Ideal cheeky stocking filler with a lot of charm. They stand a proud 12cm high. Two colour ways available.

£1.75 each.   

Christmas Magic Face TowelMagic Towels are a curiosity that always fascinate. A tightly compressed tablet is soaked in water for 30 seconds, allowing it to unfurl and become a full sized flannel.

£1.95 each


Splat SnowballSplat Snowball. No snow forecast? No problem! This sticky-skinned snowball, filled with a mixture  of liquid and swirling white 'snow', makes a satisfying splat when thrown against a wall or window. It  will reform its rotund shape, ready to throw all over again

 £2.95 each 

Solar PenguinChristmas Solar Powered Penguin that dances in the light


£2.50 each



Solar Powered SnowmanChristmas Solar Powered Snowman that dances in the light





Festive Air Freshener Christmas Pudding


One won't put any pounds on with these! A great little stocking filler, each freshner is made of card and is ideal for the home or car.


75p each


Festive Air Freshener ParcelA Spiced Apple 'Christmas Present' Air Freshener. Each air freshener is made from card and is ideal for adding fragrance to your home or car. There are two other fragrances in this range.

Spiced Apple

75p each



Festive Air Freshener ReindeerChristmas Reindeer Air Freshener. Each air freshener is made from card and is ideal for adding fragrance to your home or car. A great stocking filler for under a pound!


75p each



Father Christmas Russian DollMost seasonal bits of fun we only expect to last for the holiday period but there are exceptions.

This is a really beautiful gift that will endure for all time. A Russian Doll still has the capacity to enthral and delight all ages.

There are seven festive dolls in all, each wonderfully decorated with Father Christmas.

A very special gift

£14.95 each 

USB Christmas TreeIt is written in stone that this gift will appeal to a great many people! As soon as I saw it, I thought of at least three people I know who spend their entire lives on a computer and however sad that may be (depending on your perspective) I thought how wonderful it would be to put this their way. Simply plug it into your computer and instantly the icy transparent tree will flow from green to blue, purple and red.

                                  £3.95 each!  

Stick and Glow StarlightNo need to be afraid anymore. Fluorescent stars that will turn your bedroom ceiling into a world of wonder just before dream time.

 A beautiful little set of stars complete with a nightlight. A magical gift.

£4.95 each


Starlight Projector TorchJust turn on this Starlight Projector and your ceiling will instantly light up with a glittery array of celestial shapes including a moon and several stars. The starry blanket it projects is effective in any darkened room and is a particularly cool substitute for a night light.

£6.95 each 


Musical Christmas BooksWhat's completely brilliant about this wonderful little musical box, is that it is entirely personal because the giver can write a message to the recipient and just as's a gift that will last! There is something really rather magical about watching the miniature workings of a musical box and that's exactly what you can do here. The tiny mechanics are protected from naughty fingers by a perspex protective cover.

                                       £4.95 each

Wooden Christmas Yo-YoA big chunky Yo-Yo with attractive seasonal motifs. Please note that this Yo-Yo is about twice the size of the standard wooden Yo-Yo we stock to fit inside a cracker.

£1.95 each


Yo-FXI wonder what the boy on the Greek vase playing with his terra cotta yo-yo dating from 500BC would have made of the Yo-FX?If any toy could be said to have endured, then this is it.Listen up, Greek kid...explosive sounds, flickering lights and ball bearing clutch the Urban Dictionary would say...sick!

                           £3.95 each 

Christmas HoppersGet in the Christmas spirit with a hopping Father Christmas, Rudolph or snowman clockwork toy. Simply wind up the mechanism and place on a flat surface to watch this festive toy hop about like its feet are on fire. What's more, each one is covered in little stretchy bits that jiggle and wave as they jump!

                               £2.50 each!


Light Up LacesEveryone loves a flashy dancer, but now you can take that a step further to totally dazzle every sole in the room. Replace your boring old shoelaces with this pair of light up LED strings and the top of your shoes will brighten up with the flick of a switch.

£4.95 each



Cone PuppetsThese are just the bees knees and will display beautifully long after the pine needles and tinsel have all been hoovered up! In four stunning designs they are made to an extremely high standard using wood and beautiful fabrics. A gift of real quality from the past. Pop-Up Cone Puppets

£2.95 each    

Mini Animal PuzzlesIt's such a truth that some of the best things given at Christmas don't cost an arm and leg but have a simple charm that endures year after year. Sure to evoke a few memories, I defy anyone to pick up one of these and put it down without first guiding the little balls into their sockets.Christmas really isn't Christmas without a puzzle somewhere at the bottom of a stocking amid the walnuts and are some for the younger set.

                                 95p each

Smiler Maze PuzzlesWe know that for some people, Christmas doesn't really start until the games and the puzzles come out.This little lot looks pretty harmless but don't be fooled. Firstly they are a lot bigger than you might imagine and secondly, the base and lid twist, both having a different maze configuration to guide the ball through. A devilish variation on a classic.Intruiged? I knew you would be!

                                    £2.45 each

Blink PetzThis is just the best ever gift for our four-legged friends. Just clip the bone to your dog's collar and any movement will start it flashing...very brightly! It's brilliant on winter nights for being spotted and comes complete with spare batteries.

(various colours)

£4.95 each


Funky Fox Manicure SetSometimes at Christmas when you're young, you're given a present and for some inexplicable reason it stays in your mind and heart forever. This wonderful manicure set evokes all those memories for me. It isn't to do with money or razzmatazz, it's to do with being given something personal and exclusive to you. A beautifully finished little gift.

                                £5.95 each  

Festive Nail Files

Packed like an old fashioned book of matches these neat little packets of nail files come in four festive designs..

99p (per pack)


Inflatable GlobeInflatable Globe. Blown-up through a 'one-way valve' this nicely detailed globe (all major borders, cities, rivers and mountain ranges) inflates to 28cm in diameter. The loop at the Arctic allows you to hang the globe from a ceiling.

£3.95 each

Flashing Bouncy BallThe Classic Bouncy Ball but with added flashing Lights.

£2.25 each


Tattoo JewelleryTattoo Jewellery. Based on intricate tribal designs these stretchy tattoo bracelets create a most convincing effect. They come in assorted colours

59p each 


Bird GlidersWaterproof Styrofoam glider in the shape of a bird. Comes flat-packed.

59p each


Crystal Radio SetCrystal Radio. Let's be honest, how many of these will land up being made by very grown-up boys!!  This fantastic gift has it all, nostalgia, a bit of a challenge and lasting enjoyment. All the components are here to make a fully working crystal radio and you don't need to worry about batteries or power supplies.

                                £11.95 each


Bowling ClownsIndoor Bowling Clowns. These wonderfully detailed and well crafted colourful clowns make a set of six happy skittles, complete with two bright yellow balls. They display beautifully.

£7.95 each  

Large Animal Paper ClipsVery Large Animal Paper Clips. These are great fun, either as a book mark or stationery accessory

75p each



Haberdashery PurseHaberdashery Purse. Perfect for that emergency when travelling, it is quite astonishing just how  much has been packed into these attractive little purses! Various colours

£2.95 each 


MirragescopeWooden Mirragescope A chunky wooden viewer which creates hundreds of kaleidoscopic images of anything you  look at. A beautifully made toy.

£3.25 each 




Metal KaleidoscopeMetal Kaleidoscope . Plastic beads in the rotating head provide the colourful characteristic patterns.  Assorted designs.

£4.25 each


Sound BitesFrom time to time, we really do have to start behaving and do some serious cracker making around here! However, things like the Electronic Sound Bites make it extremely difficult sometimes. If I were simply to say that in the twenty available noises you will find, 'Soap Opera Drama' 'Cash Register' 'Too Bad, So Sad' 'Drum Roll' 'Applause' and 'Yuck' you might just guess why this is such a difficult thing to put down! P.S. Whoopee too! 

£7.45 each



Victorian Flick BooksA Victorian style flick book is amusing for adults and children alike. See the action again and again and even see it backwards! Receive one of four titles Balloon, Kingfisher, Goal and Cat

£2.45 each




Large Solar Powered FlowerA big Dancing Flower! And when we say big, we mean big! 4 1/2" (11cm+) high by 4" (10cm) across. No need to water, just add some daylight and watch it dance happily all day

£5.75 each




Colour Changing EggColour Changing Egg. Free-standing, rubbery white egg that morphs through a  rainbow of coloured  light. Especially reassuring on a bedside table.

£5.75 each




Metal JacksMetal Jacks. Another great game from the past...imaginitively boxed and no batteries required!

£2.95 each


Circus Puzzle

In an age gone mad with technology, this is just a total breath of spring for the creative child and the best thing is, you have a great display piece at the end that will endure for many years. It comes flat packed in cardboard pieces, all you have to do is press them out and follow the simple instructions to build your very own circus scene. Once you've finished constructing your masterpiece, give the tab a pull and watch as it springs to life! There are two designs available, one where a clown is hilariously launched out of a cannon and one where two cheeky seals pass a ball between each other.                                 £5.95 each 

Planet RobotShow me one man who wouldn't want this on his desk or displayed in his room! It's an exact replica of Robby the Robot, the character from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet...even the box design is original! It is wonderfully detailed and when walking, lights spark behind his face shield. Icing on the cake? It's wind-up! The ultimate mens stocking filler!!   

Comes in red and black.     £19.95 each.


Clockwork Song BirdA wonderful and lasting gift that displays beautifully. In this electronic age of singing everything, the remarkable thing about this attractive oddity is that it's surprisingly realistic warble is produced by miniature bellows driven by a key-wound clockwork motor which also makes the bird move in time to its notes.

The wooden cage is 17cm tall.                 £14.95 each. 


Colour and Spin Wooden TopAnother old faithful with a great modern twist. You colour your own pattern discs, of which there are five, and mesmerise anyone in the nearby vicinity when you take a spin! A quality gift for the creative.

£1.95 each


Magic Growing SnowmanAn amazing take on an old classic. The 5" (14cm) card Snowman stands in the small dish into which you pour the  'magic' solution! Within a few hours there will be evidence of the snowman starting to grow and within 24 hours he will be covered in thick white 'woolly' crystals, they even grow on the end of his broom. The crystals are very fragile but will last almost indefinitely as long as they remain undisturbed. A tremendous thing to have in operation over the holidays!



Magic Growing Christmas TreeWe love this and think it would be amazing to have on the table on Christmas Day! The 5" (14cm) card tree stands in the small dish into which the 'magic' solution is poured. Within a few hours there will be evidence of the tree starting to grow and within 24 hours it will be covered in thick green 'woolly' crystals. The crystals are very fragile but will last almost indefinitely as long as they remain undisturbed. It also comes with tree decorations...wicked!




Balloon Powered BoatThis wooden boat uses a slightly unconventional form of power. Place it in the water, blow up a balloon, stretch it over the boats funnel and then release. The air will rush through the boat and out of its exhaust, sending it racing along the water! Bath time just became a hoot!


Clockwork Santa and SleighHey! How about putting away the computer games , giving the mobile a rest and making a little bit of Christmas magic! It's super simple to do! Just push the cardboard pieces out of the sheets and then follow the instruction to slot all of the parts together. Each piece features a clockwork centre that turns the finished models into wind-up toys. When it's assembled, sit the big man in his sleigh, hook it up to the reindeer and enjoy! 


Elephant on a BikeThis tin model has a fantastic amount of detail making it a perfect collectible item. Wind him up and off he goes, the tassels on the ball on his trunk shooting out as it spins!

Nicely boxed, this terrific display piece will last well beyond Christmas.




Rocket Ride CarouselThis tin carousel not only has spinning rockets, the propellers work too! Simply give the lever a pull to set the carousel rockets off with their propellers spinning as they go. The vintage artwork gives the whole thing a traditional, classic feel. A great display piece to last for a long time to come.





Retro Coin PurseThese classic vinyl purses are straight out of the 70s with their funky retro patterns and push apart metal clips. For people of a certain age these great designs will trigger off a myriad of memories...white platform PVC knee-high boots and Abba being somewhere amongst them!!! 

£2.95 each


Magic Melting Snowman

Some gifts are so deliciously off-the-wall you just know they will appeal to certain friends and family members!!Use the putty to create your very own snowman, attach the plastic accessories...then simply wait for about half an hour and watch him melt into a puddle. The results are brilliant and the great thing can make him time after time after time...


Knitted Nativity SetKnitted Nativity Set



Etui Sewing Box  This is just the best ever gift for the "Busy Bee" The Handmade Etui Sewing box

£24.50 each


Square Trinket Box The Handmade Fabric Square Trinket box

£5.50 each


Octagonal Trinket Box The Handmade Fabric Octagonal Trinket box

£5.50 each


Needle Book The Handmade Fabric Needle book

£5.50 each