Sky Blue Snowflake Top

Pretty and wistful, this is an understated stunner. 

They are sold individually, either empty or completed with a gift. All crackers come with a hat and a joke. 

Scroll down for our superb gift selection.

 Sky Blue Snowflake Christmas Cracker 

Sky Blue Snowflake Christmas Crackers 2 Sky Blue Snowflake Christmas Crackers 2 

Sky Blue Snowflake Christmas Crackers 4  


For the price of a completed cracker add £4.50 to any of the gifts. 

Completed Crackers Bauble Christmas Crackers 3

Each completed cracker will arrive clearly labelled with its contents. All our hats are handmade in-house.

Cracker Components: sky blue Colourcard 260gsm; ultra high tack double-sided tape; curling ribbon; 5mm pom-poms; Anita's tacky glue; Berisfords satin silver edged ribbon 15mm colour 1; diamante snowflake; 13" cracker snap; paper hat; joke on paper. 

       For more detailed photographs of our gifts please go to the shop.    


Christmas Gifts

Clockwork Tin  Father ChristmasThis jolly Clockwork Tin Father Christmas will create instant fun on your festive table.

£4.95 each



Clockwork Princess

Every little girl is a princess on Christmas Day...and let's be honest, the older ones too! This delightful Clockwork Princess comes in three different colour ways.

£2.95 each






Magic Snow

 You won't be able to cover the house and garden but you will be astonished at how this Magic Snow expands to 100 times its original volume. Simply add water to create your very own amazing White Christmas...and the beauty is, left to dry out you can use it over and over again!

   £2.25 each.




Parachute PenguinThis great little chap has a habit of regularly stealing the festive limelight. The Parachute Penguin is the sort of daft nonsense that makes Christmas a lot of fun.

             £1.95 each           


Clockwork SantaLike his friend the snowman (below) this Clockwork Santa will love strolling around at Christmas! He also has movable arms.

    £2.95 each 


Clockwork Christmas SnowmanThis fun Clockwork Christmas Snowman enjoys nothing more than exploring, even has a pipe in the hand of his swinging arm!

       £2.95 each     


 Christmas Tongue RollersThe popular animal version (scroll down further) has been around for a long time but now we have Christmas Tongue Rollers! In four great designs we give these a huge thumbs-up! There was never a cuter way to be a tad rude!

     £2.45 each  

Fairy Tail Finger PuppetsI grew up in a decade of austerity and no television, so that's my age out of the bag! But as a consequence we had to be incredibly inventive by making our own toys and entertainments, especially around Christmas time. We would have loved these Fairy Tail Finger Puppets. In six magical designs, they are perfect for the child with imagination.              

                                    £2.45 each 

Enamel Penguin Cufflinks

An extremely smart pair of enamelled penguin cufflinks for the man who takes a pride in finishing touches. A quality festive item.

      £4.95 a pair


Christmas Snow Globe

Who doesn't love a Snow Globe and finally there's one that will fit inside a cracker! These are a total delight...just make sure you don't pull your cracker anywhere near a stone floor!! (four characters)

      £3.95 each


Christmas WhistleA quality wooden Christmas Slide Whistle, hand painted in four festive designs.

       £1.95 each


Christmas Finger PuppetsPut on a puppet performance that's worthy of any Christmas panto with these Festive Finger Puppets. The puppets have wooden heads and fabric bodies that are beautifully detailed. Father Christmas, The Snowman and Rudolph make up the three designs. 

              £4.95 each

Christmas Trinket BoxA beautiful handmade fabric Christmas Trinket Box for that special present you might want to give on Christmas Day. Made to fit exactly into our crackers, each box  measures approximately 1 1/4" (3cm) square by about 1 1/4" (3cm) deep. The boxes come in several different festive fabrics.

              £3.95 each

Festive Torch Festive Santa and Reindeer Torch Key Rings just made it into this years gift selection. Our reindeer's eyes light up and that's not all, he also has floppy ears. Not to be outdone, Santa has three coloured flashing lights on his hands and head. Both play Jingle Bells in a style that would try the patience of a saint. 

          £2.75 each


Bling Cinderella Pumpkin

It went missing from our gift list last year and in consequence we had several (shall we say, animated) phone calls. We're happy to report that it's now safely back in all its glory...The Bling Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Key Ring.

        £4.50 each





Festive Lip Gloss Now in four Christmas designs may we introduce you to our Festive Lip Gloss. 

        £3.25 each





Christmas Fragrance Oils

There can be few things nicer than entering a home at Christmas that is perfumed with the fragrances of the season. These Christmas Fragrance Oils were a huge hit last year but be warned, they do go quickly. There are five different fragrances and if more than one is ordered we will send an assortment. 

 Christmas Tree; Orange; Mulled Wine; Christmas Wreath and Frankincense & Myrrh.

        £1.25 each






Affordable Classics: 30 Cracker Gifts For 99p or Less! 


Party BlowoutsI think these may have been around since parties began! Party Blowouts, a real classic!

20p each


Springy SmilerBrightly coloured, the Springy Smiler has a key ring attachment and is one of those things you just can't put down!

25p each


Chinese Finger TrapAs old as time, the Chinese (sometimes known as Mexican) Finger Trap still manages to amaze! The more you try to pull your fingers free, the more trapped you become. With many associated stories of myth and love, this truly is a classic.

 30p each

Celebration BubblesThis is one of our top five cracker gifts and a great way of breaking the ice at Christmas. These splendid little champagne flutes are full of bubbles, so get blowing!

40p each

Eraser CubeAn ingenious eraser that arrives as a puzzle! Affordable fun, this is a highly recommended cracker gift.

35p each


Fortune FishWhat more can be said about this iconic cracker gift? Its endearing simplicity can still captivate, proving yet again that it doesn't cost a fortune to get the party started!

 25p each

Rocket BalloonsTime to wake up granny! With two in a pack, The Rocket Balloon will bring any room to life and some.

               49p (2 per pack)



Wooden Animal Keyring

A runaway best seller last year, The Wooden Animal Key Ring is obviously a lot of peoples idea of the perfect cracker gift.  (assorted designs)

70p each


Farmyard ErasersA great little collection of  four Farm Animal Erasers.

 50p (for 4)



Russian Doll KeyringIf anything was designed to put a smile on your face, it's got to be one of these delightful Russian Doll Key Rings. Beautifully painted in lovely bright colours this is a great little cracker gift.

75p each


Steel Link Puzzle

These Steel Link Puzzles, popular for generations, are a lot of peoples favourites. Take them apart and then see if you can put them back together again. (assorted designs) 

65p each


The Magic Cup

The Magic Cup is a classic trick that has intrigued generations of budding magicians. Full instructions are provided and it fits beautifully inside a cracker. We have been shamelessly camping around with these, inventing the most preposterous magical words before the big reveal. Great fun!

       99p each  

Ball Popper

We're incredibly easy to please here. There were screeches of excitement when we found that these Ball Poppers fitted neatly into a cracker. They pack quite a punch too, hitting the ceiling with might be better off outside! Great addictive fun, requiring a little bit of skill!

         75p each  


Classic Bouncy BallThe Classic Bouncy Ball. The small ball that packs a big bounce!


            60p each


Trick Bouncy EggsAlthough these are sold individually we had the greatest fun watching someone's face when we dropped a great many on their kitchen floor. The reaction was priceless, they really are that convincing.


            70p each  


Stretchy SmilerPull any part of the ever popular Stretchy Smiler and he'll about double in size!


                      35p each 


Squirting FishFill with water and the Squirting Fish will do exactly what it says on the can. Then run...

                     85p each



Monkey EraserSold individually...this is a monkey eraser on a pencil that comes in three bright colours. I can say no more!


                        85p each 


Mini Tic Tac ToeMini Tic Tac Toe...I expect like me, you call it noughts and crosses! A great favourite.

                       85p each


Large Wooden DiceThe Extra Large Dice makes quite a nice display piece as well as being great fun when playing games! Made of wood, this is a nice quality piece. (assorted colours)

                           99p each

Union Jack Mini KeyringA delightful little Mini accessory clip decked out in the Union Jack. This most affordable and very British Icon has a lot of appeal and is small...about the size of the charms you used to find in Christmas Puddings.

                               70p each  


Fob Watches 


Owl Fob Watch

This wonderful little chap has a secret under his wings, just press his ears together and he'll reveal what it is! Attractive, smart  and useful, The Owl Fob Watch remains a great favourite and comes in a chrome and black finish.

                      £4.25 each




Alarm Clock Fob WatchNow here's jolly! The Alarm Clock Fob Watch and Key Ring. This has a larger face than our other fob watches, measuring 2cm in diameter. He may not wake you up in the morning but you'll know he's around!

                          £4.25 each




Ladybird FobwatchThe Ladybird Fob Watch is as popular as ever, and like the owl and the butterfly keeps a secret under her wings. (assorted finishes)

 £4.25 each  




Enamel Racing Car Fob WatchThe Enamel Racing Car Fob Watch. An extremely smart and beautifully finished Fob Watch Key Ring offered in wonderfully striking colours.

£4.25 each


Nurse Watch

In a rainbow of different colours, you don't have to be in the caring profession to enjoy the practicality of a Nurse's Fob Watch. (assorted colours)

£4.25 each


Butterfly Fob Watch After a short absence the Butterfly Fob Watch is back. (assorted colours)

£4.25 each



Bling Ladybug Fob Watch Gloriously over-the-top The Bling Ladybug Fob Watch is a real show-stopper. Not for the faint-hearted. (assorted colours)

£6.75 each 



LED Flashing Key Rings

Minion TorchWe resisted for as long as we dared but finally here it is. The Minion Torch Key Ring. Press its head and it will light up and scream at you. Always remember, without a master to grovel for a Minion will fall  into a deep idea of a dream partner! I never said that.

    £2.75 each 

Owl TorchAs well as two eyes that light up very brightly, this cute Owl Torch Key Ring will also give you a hoot for luck...what more d'you want from life!

    £2.75 each


Rubber Duck TorchJust DON'T put it in your bath!! The Rubber Duck Torch and Key Ring quacks too...enough said!

£2.75 each


Gorilla TorchI'm not entirely confident that the noise our gorilla makes would frighten anyone (akin to a clock being wound if you go back that far) but the Gorilla LED Torch does win with charm.

£2.75 each


Penguin TorchThis is a great cracker gift and way too cute for its own good! Press the button on the back of The Penguin Torch and he'll give you a squeak...oh yes, and he'll light up too!

£2.75 each


Piggy TorchWasn't there a story about three little piggies and the state of the construction industry?

Don't ever be in any doubt about pigs being the cleverest of all the farm animals because not only does this Pig's snout light up it oinks as well. Clever or what!?

£2.75 each

Darth Vadar TorchFor dedicated followers of Jediism this could be a positive inspiration to fight evil. We're not entirely sure what Darth is saying in his all too brief message but we feel convinced it's something horribly menacing! 

Daft and fun, we must all know someone for whom this would be the ideal cracker gift.

£2.75 each

BB-8 Droid For the out-of-touch, this is the BB8 Droid from the Star Wars universe. The usual histrionics, press its head and it lights up and makes a terrible racket.

   £2.75 each


Storm Trooper TorchThe Storm Trooper Torch. Guess his head and his eyes light up and he makes a noise not dissimilar to a gun firing. Good luck if you're trying to recover on Boxing Day.

    £3.75 each




The Queen TorchWe launched this to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday...and so popular was her majesty that here she is again! As well as two very bright LED eyes, this wonderful Torch and Key Ring also gives you a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia. Thank-you Ma'am.


£3.95 each



Guardsman TorchTo compliment the Queen's Torch, we present one of her loyal Guardsmen. Like Her Majesty his LED eyes light up very brightly and he too gives a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia.


  £3.95 each



Bicycle Valve Light

The Bicycle Valve Light was a runaway best seller last year and it's not difficult to see why. This wonderful, easy to attach, bicycle accessory can transform your wheels at night-time with a seemingly endless choice of colour combinations.  

       £4.95 per pair





Lights and Torches 


Police Torch

Cracker gifts for men can be a bit of a challenge and it's hopefully one that we rise to with this very smart reproduction miniature Police Torch. It comes with a battery

£3.95 each


Laser Light Keyring

The Laser Light Key Ring doubles as a handy torch and if that wasn't enough it also has a hidden stylus under the cap that's perfect for operating touch screen devices. A great gift!

£5.50 each  

Bulb LightWe love these! It's such a great affordable cracker gift.  Designed to complement an existing key ring, this clever little light bulb changes colour several times in a couple of different sequences. Press twice to switch off.
£1.50 each
Alloy Pocket TorchA no nonsense Alloy Pocket Torch with 9 LED lights. It shines as brightly as a button and comes complete with batteries. (four colours)
£3.95 each
Spark Plug TorchWe just love the Spark Plug Torch. To light up you simply give the spark plug a little twist or press for shorter light bursts.
£1.95 each

Lip Gloss  


Russian Doll Lip Gloss
Hinged at the bottom to open up like a clam shell these pretty Russian Doll Lip Gloss containers come filled with strawberry lip gloss! A perfect cracker gift.
£3.75 each
Rubber Duck Lip GlossYou can't really go wrong with lip's a just a matter of choosing which one!!!The Rubber Duck has been going for years and I don't think there's any sign of its popularity coming to an end. 
£3.25 each
Chocolate Lip Gloss When The House of Crackers first started up nearly a decade ago, The Chocolate Lip Gloss was one of our very first gift ideas. It was a great success but rather irritatingly it disappeared from the radar and we simply couldn't track it down anywhere. The good news is, it's back and it's as convincing as ever! NOT to be consumed! (assorted chocolate...designs)
£3.25 each 
Owl Lip GlossOwl torches, owl fob watches...only a matter of time before Owl Lip Gloss hit the streets. 
£3.25 each
Fox Lip Gloss


You know a foxy lady? Job done! Fox Lip Gloss.

£3.25 each


More Classics


Whoopee CushionWhoopee Cushion. No comment!

£1.70 each



Mini Wooden Yo YoIs the Yo-Yo a classic toy? Well, there's one being used by a boy on a Greek vase dating back to we're going to say, yes! The Mini Wooden Yo-Yo (assorted designs)

£1.95 each 

Roll Tongue AnimalsLike all great ideas, Roll Tongue Animals are impossibly simply but enormous fun. Just give them a gentle squeeze and be ready for some cute cheekiness!

£2.45 each

Hand BuzzerIt's daft, it's been going for years but the Hand Buzzer is still a hoot. No batteries in those days...just wind-up and introduce yourself!

£4.50 each 

Mini SpringyA Mini Springy that fits into a cracker. Great news! This miniature version (only 3½cm in diameter) is equally as fascinating as the big one. Impossible to put down.
£1.50 each
Glow in the Dark Jumping BeansImagine the fun you can have with these after lights out! Glow in the Dark Jumping Beans are great fun and there are four in a pack!

      £2.25 per pack



Extreme Jumping BeansIf size matters then you might appreciate these EXTREME jumping beans! Each one is decorated with a fun character. There are two jumping beans in each bag.

   £1.20 a bag  

Sky DiverThe classic Sky Diver. A little bit like the parachute penguin but decidedly more butch...actually, nothing like the parachute penguin at all!

£2.70 each



For Him


Union Jack Bull DogA delightful little resin character draped in the Union Jack. A very British Bull Dog with a lot of appeal.

£1.50 each



Union Jack Nail ClippersA perennial favourite, this practical cracker gift, has a patriotic touch.

£1.25 each


Storm Trooper Cuff Links Storm Trooper Cuff Links. A smart affordable gift.

    £3.75 per pair


Mini Hip FlaskThis is absolutely my idea of the perfect cracker gift! A sensibly sized (1 fluid ounce) Stainless Steel Hip Flask Key Ring. I mean, what could be nicer than a quick (and maybe surreptitious) shot to warm the cockles of your heart when out for the obligatory Christmas walk.

£3.25 each



Mini Metre Tape MeasureCracker gifts obviously have to meet a certain criteria and hunting the good ones down can often be a frustrating exercise. However, when the good ones come along and tick all the's GREAT!

Useful, attractive, affordable, appealing and will last. Mini Metre Tape Measure take a bow!

                                £2.95 each 

Mini Screwdriver Set

For many years  the classic naff cracker gift has been the tacky screwdriver set that gets swept away with the pulled crackers. Hence, we have avoided it like the plague...until now! We love this because it's brilliant! This superbly designed key ring conceals a set of four screwdriver heads that readily fit into the central shaft, allowing you to tighten and loosen a variety of screws wherever you are. An old joke just got updated! Available in 4 different colours

                                £2.50 each

Rattle MagnetsBe very sure to read the instructions for these incredible Rattler Magnets carefully. We do not recommend them for anyone under the age of 14 years.

Throw them in the air together and listen to the sound they make! Eerie science at its best! 

                                    £1.50 per pair

Now That's Useful


USB Car AdapterThe incredible little bullet shaped USB Car Charger/Adapter. Simply plug it into your cigarette lighter socket and charge up your mobile phone, sat nav, MP3 player...the list is endless

£1.50 each.

Egg TimerThis brilliant Egg Timer really will delight and like all the best ideas, it's incredibly simple. Just place the timer in the saucepan with your egg and the heat sensitive indicator will change colour and do the rest!


£1.95 each


CompassFor those of us who simply refuse to surrender to the commands of a 'sat nav' this pocket sized Compass might just be enough to get you home safely and quietly!

You have reached your destination!

                                  £2.95 each 

 Keeping the Children Occupied


Pocket PencilsOne of the very best cracker gifts. A tin of coloured Pocket Pencils with a sharpener on the lid. Now there's clever!



Cats CradleCats Cradle. Variations on this ancient game can be found in cultures throughout the world. It is very addictive and because it is designed for two or more players encourages splendid interaction. Extensive instructions are included.

£1.75 each




Hatching Egg

This is the sort of thing that is so stupid and yet so wonderful at the same time, you just have to have it! Read on and be stunned! Submerge your egg in water and in 12-24 hours the shell will start to crack and after 48 hours your chick will hatch!!! Don't pinch yourself...that's what it does! One of last years top five warned, it goes quickly.

I should add, it's not the sort that will grow into a hen!

£2.75 each


Mini TelescopeA Mini Telescope that extends and closes. (assorted colours)


£1.50 each

Metal Jacks

Metal Jacks. Another great game from the past...imaginatively boxed and no batteries required.

 £3.95 each 



It Don't Mean a Thing if You Ain't Got that Bling!


Bling Rabbit

A Bunny is not just for Easter! In various pretty shades, this adorable bling and enamel Bunny is a great cracker gift. (various colours)



£7.50 each


Bling Poodle The Bling Poodle with movable parts is new and in common with all our bling is very over-the-top...only more so! 


£4.95 each




Bling Scottie Dog The Bling Scottie Dog is way too cute for its own good!

£5.25 each




Bling Tiger

This delightful Bling Tiger with movable parts would melt any heart.



£7.50 each 



Bling LambrettaThe Bling Lambretta really has the retro look of the moment.

Available in Pink or Blue 

£5.95 each


 And Finally...


HarmonicaWhether you fancy yourself as a budding Larry Adler or just like to make music, this classic metal Harmonica might be just the ticket. It is suitable for children and adults of all abilities.

£5.95 each


Space Pencil Sharpener

The Space Pencil Sharpener. In four great designs, this is definitely a cut (no pun intended) above your usual pencil sharpener...complete with orbiting beads!


£1.50 each 



Fashion Watch

Who wouldn't be bowled over to find one of these dropping out of their cracker! A most affordable and stylish fashion watch. Me thinks a winner! Supplied with either a black or white face.

   £5.95 each       


Infinity Hand Spinner

Imagine our disappointment when the latest craze wouldn't fit inside a cracker. Then along comes the two blade propeller Infinity Spinner...heavens be praised! We have tried a great many spinners (avoid the cube, very expensive and doesn't spin for long) and this is in a league of its own, it truly does live up to its name. It comes in a smart box (which won't fit inside your cracker) and will help to relieve any stress over Christmas and beyond...mine sits by my  armchair. Suitable for adults and children over 10. Not inexpensive but a knock-out cracker gift.

                                         £7.99 each. Assorted Colours



Please note that all cracker gifts are chosen with our standard cracker measurements in mind. The barrel of which measures approximately 5"+ (13cm)  by about 2" (5cm+) in diameter.

All our gifts will arrive in their original packaging because it will often give instructions and age recommendations. This packaging will need to be removed for the gift to fit inside your crackers.

Where an item is available in several designs or colours, we will endeavour to send a selection when more than one is ordered.

 An age recommendation is always attached to items designed for the young, however, parental supervision is recommended at all times.