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About PictureI'd probably be very embarrassed about it now but more years ago than I care to remember (I was about eight at the time) I surprised my family by making the crackers for Christmas Day. I do know that my mother had a back-up box in the sideboard (oh ye of little faith) but in the event they did not get used. My crackers were a success and became a part of our Christmas. In truth I guess the real thrill was seeing peoples faces light up when they saw what their crackers contained. Usually daft stuff like a hand written joke, a hat (consisting of more sticky tape than tissue) and a homemade present but they were always a hit simply because they had been made with a bit of love and thought. I'd cared enough to make them special. As the years went by my crackers progressed from crepe paper and loo roll inners to become more and more ambitious and how they would look became a highlight of going through to the dining room. I can't remember which Christmas it was but one year my gran (much missed) gave me a nudge and said, 'You should think about selling these' and I laughed. I now work with a small team in a studio in West Sussex where we make a great many crackers! There isn't a loo roll in sight and the presents are no longer homemade but the philosophy is still the same, 'We care enough to make them special'.

Driving you Crackers

Beryl the Peril


Have you ever wondered who to blame for the awful jokes in crackers? Well in our case we know exactly where to point the finger.
Pictured is my mother, Beryl, who looks after all our jokes. Mum is 94 in November and we hope she goes on making us groan for many years to come!


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